September 2020

Windows 10 version 20H2 is finalized and should start being offered as a “feature update” in October.

Windows 10 versions 2004 (released in May 2020) and 20H2 share a common core operating system with an identical set of system files. Windows 10 version 20H2 will be a minor update for systems that have version 2004 installed. It will be a full feature update (reinstall) for systems running Windows 10, version 1909 and prior.

We now recommend installing (or having us install) the 2020 Windows update (Version 2004, released May 2020). This will prepare you for the update coming in October as well.

Support page.

Microsoft will now support Windows 10 version 1803 until May 11, 2021, due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Microsoft has not extended support for Windows 10 1903.

Microsoft’s Windows lifecycle fact sheet.

Change Outlook cloud storage options

“A new option found under General Cloud storage options that allows users to choose if they would like to store their Outlook settings in the cloud. This will enable settings such as Privacy Settings and Focused Inbox to be consistent if they use Outlook on multiple computers and eventually Outlook on the web and mobile.”

With this feature, signatures will be stored in the user’s mailbox and they will be available on all devices where that account is configured. No existing signatures will be overwritten when this feature is enabled. More on synchronized signatures.

The choice ‘Store my Outlook settings in the cloud’ is at File | Options | General.

Some older, less secure connection methods will be dropped from Microsoft hosted services after October 15 2020.  Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 can’t use the newer connection methods and so they won’t be able to connect to their mailboxes in Office 365.

Internet Explorer 11 will not work with Office 365

Beginning November 30, 2020, the Microsoft Teams web app will no longer support IE 11.

Beginning August 17, 2021, the remaining Microsoft 365 apps and services will no longer support IE 11.

After March 9, 2021, the Microsoft Edge Legacy desktop app will be unsupported. The newer Edge browser is supported, and you should have automatically been updated to the new version.

The pandemic spurs a burst of technology innovation.

As enterprises address the pandemic, two things are now clear.

  1. the widespread use of advanced technology is not optional. The pandemic has shown that companies that bet big on agility and resilience come out ahead. Organizations not already doing so therefore need to use technology to better connect employees, consumers, and business partners. This technology must be full featured and resilient.


  1. The long-term challenge will hinge on understanding new customer values and needs that will continue to emerge in the wake of the crisis. Part of this will be understanding how emerging technologies can help them connect with customers in the years ahead when their needs and desires will likely be vastly different.

A new survey suggests that at least 16 percent of employees will remain at-home workers long after COVID-19 recedes.

More from the Harvard Business School – Impact of Covid

World Economic Forum – the impact of COVID-19

Walmart+ Takes on Amazon Prime $98 per year or $12.95 per month. Members will receive unlimited free delivery.

Zoom is Coming to Amazon, Facebook, and Google Smart Displays.

Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac is Now Available.

Voice Phishers Targeting Corporate VPNs

Beware of people calling from your IT department or “tech support” to fix your VPN connection.

Security tips to help stay safe in the COVID-19 era.

From the dark web – there are currently 15 billion stolen logins from 100,000 breaches out there.

Use unique passwords for each of your website logins. Check to see if your account has been hacked by going to and entering your email address.

235 Million Instagram, TikTok And YouTube User Profiles Exposed In Massive Data Leak.

5.5 million files leaked affecting cybersecurity firms, insurance companies, universities and more

Tesla adds farting mode and other Easter eggs in latest firmware update.

By Tim Torian

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