Torian Group’s Mission

Torian Group’s mission is to empower you and your business to better serve your customers.

We believe in preventing problems rather than fixing them. We believe in good design, preventative maintenance, and doing it right once.

We believe that looking out for our client’s interests first will benefit us in the long run.

We believe that we must be continually learning.

We believe we can’t serve everyone. We would rather do an excellent job for our specific market – Small to medium sized businesses that see technology as strategic to their success, and don’t want their own IT department.

We believe in growing slowly, in response to client’s needs. We will never compromise quality for any reason. It just doesn’t pay, and it’s not satisfying.

We believe in technology. All of our staff are passionate about what they do. Love of what we do motivates us to work hard and study hard.

We are a service company. We put relationships first. What sets us apart is our people.

We are strictly a consulting and service company – our recommendations are not biased by profit margins. We can help you decide what you need, and help you find the best value.

We are looking for a particular type of client- those that will best benefit from what we have to offer. Our vision is to be able to empower your business to better serve your customers by effective use of computer and network technology. We want to work closely with you to develop or enhance your technology plan, and then make it a reality.

Typically, we will sit down with you and develop or clarify a set of values by which you implement technology, and with that, develop a technology plan, which is reviewed regularly –once or twice a year, depending on how quickly your company is changing. We then implement your plan, at your pace.

Our goal is to provide an “outsourced” IT department for you. We provide services to design and implement new system capabilities, and are on call to deal with any problems you may have. (Hopefully a more and more rare occurrence as we work with you.) If needed, we can provide people on site for as much time as you need to provide support and services to your staff. We also can maintain a schedule of activities to do on your behalf to help prevent problems, and provide training for your staff if it’s appropriate.
Initially, our job is to establish trust by demonstrating tangible benefits on your investment in our services. Over time, we hope you will come to place greater trust in our recommendations. To best benefit from what we have to offer, we hope you will involve us more and more (as you feel comfortable) in your decision making and planning processes where computers and networking are involved. This could involve setting standards for hardware and software, creating procedures for backups, virus updates, etc., and providing input into your planning and budgeting process for technology. What we want to prevent is being called in because someone in your company bought or changed something which had implications of which they were unaware. Also, as we get to know the way you do business, we have more opportunities to add value.

How to Contact Us

 519 W. Center Ave.
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