IT Support

Most businesses have an informal It solutions system – the person in the office who knows something about computers gets sidetracked from their job when someone needs help. Often they find a way around the problem so they can get back to work.

When you hire your own computer support staff you either pay for someone with the skills to solve the most difficult problem you might have, or are limited by the vision of someone who may not fully understand the technology you could be using. The ideal solution is to have someone as needed at the at the right skill level, while being able to call in the senior staff when needed. It’s a win for everyone.

Being local, we are just down the street when you need someone to visit. By building long term relationships, we get to know how you work, and can provide a higher level of support than less personal services.


When your computer stops working, or needs an upgrade, it may be time to bring it in to the shop. We can get your computer fixed quickly and correctly. We stock commonly needed parts, and have relationships with most major computer vendors & brands.

Home Computers

Virus removal, reinstall, home network setup, Hardware and software recommendations.
Although we are primarily focused on business solutions, we do work on home computers.

  • If your computer is not working as it should, give us a call. We can remove viruses, or reinstall Windows if needed. We can sometimes rescue your data from a failing hard drive.
  • If you are considering a new computer, we can often save you money by helping you choose something that fits your needs. Since we don’t mark up hardware, and are a Dell dealer, we can often beat the prices you would pay online or at the local store.
  • If you have a home network, we can set it up right, and make sure it is secure.
  • We can provide content filtering for the Kid’s computers.
  • We can recommend the latest and greatest for gaming, and network your game console.
  • We work with networked media centers, home theater computers, and DVR’s for camera systems.
  • We can help you plan your new smart home.
  • We can help you get your email working on your cell phone.

Home Office

Remote access, Web sites and marketing, Backup, Email, Phone systems, Hardware and software recommendations, Improving your service and productivity.

Small Business

We can be your outsourced IT support department, providing better, lower cost service than you could get by hiring your own staff. This includes network design and support, on-site and remote help desk, monitoring & maintenance, off-site backups, and helping with your Internet presence.

Medium Business

For those with an in-house IT person or department, we can provide them with a “second tier” – helping with the more difficult problems and projects when needed. Many of our clients benefit over time by having us support and train their in-house technical staff, transferring needed skills.

Large Business

We provide local support for larger companies with branch offices in Visalia, Hanford, Exeter, and Tulare. Often the Corporate IT department needs someone local to go out and be the hands on person for a new install or to troubleshoot a problem – without sending someone from the main office.

Daily Tasks – Help Desk

If you have computers, you have computer problems.  You want it solved quickly, correctly, and permanently.
We can help you keep thing running smoothly.

We provide both onsite and remote support, customized to meet your needs. There is always someone available to connect remotely and quickly resolve minor issues. They have the experience and expertise to recognize when a problem needs to be addressed by more than a quick fix or workaround.

Simple tasks such as adding a new person or changing security settings can be done quickly, correctly and economically. By leveraging support tools, we can provide a better and less expensive help desk solution – allowing your staff to do their jobs.

Hosting Services

We provide and support a variety of hosting and cloud services

Email & DNS

For Email we recommend Office 365 from Microsoft. We also suggest using EOP (Exchange Online Protection) for spam filtering if you have your own email server.

If you are looking just for DNS hosting for your website we recommend CloudFlare. They offer systems to help speed up page load times on your site as well as protect your site from DDoS attacks.

We also provide DNS hosting on our own Azure server for our clients. By hosting DNS, we can provide quicker service when changes are needed.

Web Hosting

We do not host websites on site—instead we recommend the following hosting companies that we can help you setup an account with. We believe in helping maintain your website—you own and control it. It is your website and it should be in your name.

SiteGround offers a fully managed shared hosting.

If you are needing a Windows hosted server look at Microsoft Azure. They offer a large range of hosting options, which we support and maintain.

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