Legal Solutions

We work with a number of Attorney’s offices.

We have implemented and are familiar with Abacus, Amicus, Time Matters, and Prolaw.

We support document imaging systems and have worked to develop workflow solutions for scanning and indexing. We know what works best for OCR. We are familiar with Adobe Acrobat, and PDF alternatives such as Foxit, Nitro and PDFPro.

We maintain Legal forms software such as California Judicial Council forms, E-forms,  California Wills and Trusts (With HotDocs), Lexus-Nexus etc.

We work with legal billing software such as TimeSlips, Advantage Law, and have integrated QuickBooks with many case management programs.

We have done a limited amount of forensic computer work for our legal clients. We do not testify in court, but can provide you with information from computers or mobile devices to help with cases you have.

We can work with you to improve your internet marketing and have developed websites for a number of local law firms.

Herr Pedersen Berglund

Yahnian Law Corporation

Judge Jacobus (retired)

“. . . I am a retired Judge here in Visalia. My current practice consists of providing arbitration and mediation services. Torian Group has been providing us with computer support since 1995. During that time, they have helped us upgrade to new computers many times – once to windows, then Windows 95, and again to windows XP. In addition, we needed help keeping track of our past cases, and their outcomes, to provide legally required reports. Tim Torian was able to work with us to design and write a custom program for that purpose. Recently, he worked with us to add features to track billing and payments. We are able to run our business much more effectively as a result of his work, and would recommend Torian Group to anyone in need of computer related support.

Judge Jacobus (retired)

Legal Industry Resources

Technology for Law Firms

If you are technically inclined or like to follow updates regarding technology and law, sign up for technolawyer:

They have a number of great newsletters with detailed updates on legal software.

Law Technology Today ( is another resource (with plenty of ads) for looking at IT for law firms.  It is maintained by the ABA.

We have strong opinions on the effectiveness of phone book vs internet marketing, and the effectiveness of some of the legal marketing firms.

Our article on Branding on the Internet provides you with the basics of getting found online.