Business Empowerment

I started in IT because I was lazy. I wanted to solve a problem once, and not have to do repetitive work. 30 years later, I am still passionate about helping business owners find ways to leverage technology.  Technology keeps changing, and there are constantly new solutions that can help empower your business.

We are looking for a few good clients with whom we can build long term relationships. You benefit most from IT when someone who knows what is possible also knows how your business works and why.  We want to be your trusted adviser and after building trust and proving our value, become a virtual part of your management staff.

Let us keep you informed of current technology issues that could affect your business, and help you plan for competitive advantage. We can help you with finding more effective ways to get things done through a combination of consulting and technology.

We can also help you with issues around personal effectiveness – using mobile devices, working from home, knowing where to focus your limited resources and time to learn new things.  Utilize technology effectively as an individual.

We can take the lessons learned from working with other companies like yours, and find ways to help you serve your customers and improve your bottom line.

There is nothing more satisfying than being able to suggest a new or different way to use technology and see the resulting benefits for your business:  improved productivity, better customer service, more sales, or just greater freedom to pursue your vision of success.

Being local, we are just down the street when you need someone to consult with. By building long term relationships, we get to know how you work, and can work with you as you succeed.  Work with someone who cares about your business.