March 2024


Windows 11 version 24H2 announced. The H2 means this upgrade will come in the second half of 2024. There were rumors of Windows 12 coming this year, but it’s not happening.

All unmanaged (not on maintenance or in a domain) Windows 11 machines not already upgraded with version 23H2 (November 2023 update) will be forcibly updated to this version in the coming days if the PC is compatible. Older versions are unsupported.

Windows 11, version 23H2 features and bug fixes.

Windows 11 22H2/23H2 Moments 5 update released (Feb. 29, 2024).

Called KB503484, This optional update includes configuration updates and bug fixes:

Many features and fixes will be integrated into the next month’s security update.

The Phone Link settings page has a new name: Mobile Devices. Go to Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Mobile devices.

Faster (80Gbps) USB connections are supported.

The update should bring Copilot to the right-hand side of your system tray and thus hide the Show desktop button. Some updated computers are not getting this change.

New AI tools for shopping and searching will allow Microsoft to begin monetizing the Copilot for Windows 11 feature more quickly.

Microsoft is now giving corporate customers a three-month grace period before being forced to use the “New” Teams 2.0.

Microsoft Edge Workspaces – share a group of web pages with colleagues.

A workspace is a new browser window with its own set of tabs, which you can organize with tab groups. Video intro.

Also, take a look at Edge Collections if you are not using this feature. More tips for using Edge.

Using Microsoft’s Phone Link app on your PC and the Link to Windows app on your iPhone or Android phone, you can make and receive phone calls, exchange text messages, and view notifications from your phone on your computer. Bluetooth is required.

Windows Terminal is now the default command line experience on Windows 11 22H2. All command line applications will now automatically open in Windows Terminal.

What is Windows Terminal? (Microsoft Learn)

Microsoft Publisher will reach its end of life in October 2026. After that time, it will no longer be included in Microsoft 365, and existing on-premises suites will no longer be supported.

Cloud services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and MS 365 online are changing how we use the internet. More data is being uploaded than when you were just browsing websites. Symmetric Internet service is beneficial when using cloud storage.

Windows Server 2025 is coming.

Lenovo’s Project Crystal laptop with a transparent microLED display- sci-fi come to life.


If you want Copilot, then upgrade to Windows 11 23H2.

Microsoft is now offering Copilot Pro for $20 per user per month for “individuals, creators, and power users looking to take their Copilot experience to the next level.”

The first lesson of AI: Understand what the AI software is built to look at, and understand that if that information is not in the cloud, you won’t get the full benefit of AI services.

Thus, the second lesson of AI: Review how you’ve set up your permissions and file structure and see if you need to make changes accordingly.

If you plan to roll out Copilot, ensure that sensitive data is correctly limited to those needing access as part of their job. Remember, Copilot utilizes the user’s access and thus has whatever access the user does. So, content in Microsoft 365 Graph — such as emails, chats, and documents that the user has permission to access — will be included.

AI Security Essentials for Business Leaders (paid seminar from SANS security)

Health IT companies that supply artificial intelligence to health systems must meet new federal transparency requirements starting Feb. 8. ONC’s HTI-1 final rule.


Microsoft Outlook bug– Patch immediately.

Simply viewing an email can compromise your computer.

Apply the critical Security Update for Outlook from the February 2024 Patch Tuesday (CVE-2024-21413) with a CVSS score of 9.8 (10 is the worst). Clients on maintenance get this automatically.

Credit Report Error Complaints Surge. Faulty algorithms may be partly to blame.

Check your credit reports. Last year, the three credit bureaus announced that they’ll provide free weekly credit reports via Also, take the time to “freeze” your credit.

Remote access software is under attack:

Microsoft Defender blocks Anydesk clients

AnyDesk (remote access software) was the victim of a cyberattack in December 2023, which did not come to light until the beginning of February 2024

Teamview (used for remote access) has a security flaw – The client for Windows should be updated to version 15.51.5 immediately.

Critical vulnerability in ConnectWise ScreenConnect (remote control software)

ConnectWise on-premise ScreenConnect 23.9.8 security flaw

ConnectWise security advisory. Huntress also provided details.

We use ScreenConnect, but were unaffected by the bug.

Avast hit with a $16.5 million fine. They settled with FTC over deceptive data practices and were forced to delete user Information. The FTC accused Avast of selling its data to over 100 third parties.

U-Haul has been forced to notify tens of thousands of customers that their personal data was compromised in a breach last year.

Change Healthcare hacked in cyberattack.

UnitedHealth says ‘Blackcat’ ransomware group is behind the hack.

Successful scams to avoid.

Certain HP Enterprise LaserJet, HP LaserJet Managed Printers Potential Information Disclosure.

Update your printer firmware.

Ubiquiti Router spy network shut down. Routers that were not properly secured were used for further hacking. FBI announcement (PDF).

What Happens to Your Sensitive Data When a Data Broker Goes Bankrupt?



I have been asked if I am retiring soon. Not for the next few years. I enjoy my work too much. Bill is the planned successor.

Tim Torian

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