March 2019

LastPass Premium price increased to $36/Year. LastPass Enterprise was already raised from $48/user/year to $72/user/year.

OneNote 2016 is being replaced with the OneNote for Windows “app”.  Here are the differences in features.  When Installing Office 2019, OneNote will not be installed. If upgrading, it may be uninstalled. You can still manually install the OneNote 2016 desktop app by downloading it.

WinRAR security flaw7-Zip is a good alternative.

Microsoft Flow allows you to script actions based on a change in an application or web service.

IFTIT (if this then that) is another scripting tool useful for taking action based on Internet or website activity. It links with many popular platforms including Google, Microsoft, Apple, and most social media.

One example: Create an Outlook task when an email is flagged

Samsung Galaxy S10 is out.

ICANN: There is an ongoing and significant risk to DNS infrastructure.

The best augmented-reality apps for Android and iOS

Point Google Lens at an object, and it’ll attempt to identify it.

Aruler Using AR’s ability to gauge where 3D objects begin and end, it’s possible to measure that distance and display it easily.

Amikasa helps you style your room and figure out your desired layout before you ever buy a piece of furniture. Using your iPhone or iPad’s camera, you can easily walk around your bedroom, kitchen, work office, or any other room you decide to furnish, and place 3D models of various items to see how they look.

Guides to Streaming Video Services

Consumer reports guide to streaming TV services. – Research and compare on-demand internet streaming media services.

PC Magazine – Best Video Streaming Services for 2019.

A Study suggests humans are now producing more types of chemical waste than can be tested —and because of that, we can’t know what damage it may be causing.

Nanotechnology makes it possible for mice to see in infrared. This caught my attention because it is the first use of nanotech to augment biology – straight out of Sci-Fi.

Amazon fights knockoffs with project zero.

Google has released a new Chrome extension that will check to see if your username and password have been compromised

620 million accounts stolen from 16 hacked websites now for sale on the dark web.

Hacker is selling 93 million user records from eight companies, including GfyCat.


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