June 2023


Reminder: On June 13, 2023, Windows 10 version 21H2 and earlier versions will be unsupported. You must upgrade to Windows 10 22H2 to receive monthly security updates.

Windows 10 is getting two new features with the latest update, despite the previous warning about “no new features”.

Windows 11 Moment 3 released. Some unexciting new features are included.

Microsoft is enforcing Office 365 Multifactor Authentication – they are turning on security defaults for all accounts over the next few months. We have had some clients not already using Two-Factor Authentication suddenly getting prompted to set it up when they try to log in.

Security default settings:

Requiring all users to register for Azure AD Multifactor Authentication.

Requiring administrators to do multifactor authentication.

Requiring users to do multifactor authentication when necessary.

Blocking legacy authentication protocols.

Protecting privileged activities like access to the Azure portal.

Microsoft 365 will start suggesting the strongest authentication method available when the user sees an MFA prompt.

Microsoft started enforcing the use of number matching using the Microsoft Authenticator App on May 8.

Microsoft is installing Outlook-PreviewDo not enable it.

Some users have reported serious problems, including lost email folders.

The preview version has a new look and feel – and some limitations. As noted in Microsoft’s support post “Getting started with the new Outlook for Windows”, there is a toggle called Try the new Outlook on the far right, just above the ribbon. When turned on, the new version will be downloaded (and that can take some time).

Microsoft this week published documentation confirming its plans to divert Web links in Outlook to the Microsoft Edge browser by default.

WordPress 6.2.2 was released. It fixes a serious bug in 6.2.1. WordPress is a popular website content management program.

Amazon Settles FTC’s Ring and Alexa Privacy Lawsuits

According to the FTC’s lawsuit against Ring, the company gave every employee unrestricted access to users’ videos, including third-party contractors. The FTC says Ring users were subjected to voyeurism and peeping toms.

HP Office Jet 902x printers are unusable after a firmware update.

Opting in to HP+ for your HP inkjet printer will cause it to only work with official HP cartridges and only while connected to the internet.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is warning VenmoCash App, and PayPal users not to store money on the apps long-term as they are not FDIC insured.

Consumer Reports says smart appliances are sharing encrypted personal data with the manufacturer and speculates that smart appliances will have shorter lifespans.

The 20 Best Business Podcasts.


“The new Bing will support ChatGPT as its default search experience, granting ChatGPT access to the entirety of the web as well as information on current events.” ChatGPT will also have citations now, allowing users to see exactly where their answers came from.

By default, these AI-powered features are pushed to you whether you ask for them or not. It’s an indication of how aggressive Microsoft is being.

Learn how to use ChatGPT and other AI tools to accomplish your goals – free training.

Statement on AI Risk, and some perspective.

Upscayl takes any low-resolution image and makes it larger (for framing or other uses) while fixing the resulting low quality.

Who Owns a Photo Expanded by Adobe Generative Fill?


KeePass password manager is vulnerable.

KeePass has released version 2.54, fixing the vulnerability. Be sure to update.

Toyota Discloses Decade-Long Data Leak Exposing 2.15M Customers’ Data.

The breach of the Connected service only impacts customers in Japan.

Western Digital informs customers about hack and data breach.

1 Million NextGen Patient Records Compromised in Data Breach.

 TP-Link Archer AX21 (AX1800) router critical firmware update.



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