January 2024


After March 31, 2024, any Microsoft classic Teams users that haven’t updated to new Teams, will be updated automatically to new Teams.

New Outlook for Windows 11: Adding business accounts denied due to missing licensing.

Another reason to avoid the “New Outlook”.

Excel 365 is getting scripting with Python for charting.

Microsoft Loop is a co-creation app that enables you and your team to bring all the parts of your project together in one place and collaborate.. It’s included with MS 365 subscriptions. More details.

Use Loop components in Outlook.

This reminds me of Microsoft Delve, which will be discontinued in December 2024.

OneNote now supports Stream (on SharePoint), allowing embedded video.

Broadcom ends VMware perpetual license sales. Official announcement.

Broadcom plans to sell VMware end-user computing and Carbon Black businesses.

VMware’s end-user computing portfolio, which includes desktop virtualization, application publishing, and mobile device management, will be sold off (divested). VMWare Horizon users will be affected.

Broadcom is discontinuing the VMWare partner program.

Adobe is not buying Figma.

Amazon will inject ads into Prime Video starting Jan. 29th.

You can pay another $2.99/Month to avoid ads.

$25 Million Apple Family Sharing Settlement. If you had this plan, check here.

Some Vizio TV owners can claim a share of a $3 million settlement over misleading marketing.

The claim form can be found here.

Google agrees to settle $5 billion lawsuit accusing it of tracking Incognito users.

Apple has released iOS 17.2

Several vulnerabilities have been fixed, including the Bluetooth vulnerability.

4,800+ audiobooks made with Microsoft’s latest text-to-speech wizardry are available free from this Microsoft page at Windows.net. Or you can search the major podcast libraries.

We recommend you regularly launch Windows File Explorer and click on This PC to see how much storage is used. Allowing free space to drop below 20% can result in performance issues, even with SSDs.

Laptop temperature-monitoring tool, the free Core Temp.

BatteryInfoView is a small utility for laptops and netbook computers that displays your battery’s current status and other information.


Tracking AI-enabled Misinformation: 614 ‘Unreliable AI-Generated News’ Websites (and Counting).

Disinformation researchers raise alarms about A.I. chatbots (NY Times).

Services are now offering to check the validity of online images and videos. To try Optic’s free tier of service, visit AI or Not.

Best AI Image Detection Tools.

AI mass spying will change the nature of spying. All the data will be saved. It will all be searchable and understandable in bulk.

Your insurance may soon be rated and priced by AI. Hiscox is using generative AI to transform underwriting processes.

Microsoft is using AI to get its nuclear projects approved in the US.


Zoom fixes security vulnerabilities on Windows, Android, and iOS. Be sure to check for Zoom updates.

Mr. Cooper hackers stole personal data from 14 million customers.

1.3M LoanCare borrowers data exposed in Fidelity National Financial Breach.

Comcast Reveals Xfinity Data Breach Affecting 36 Million Accounts.

The information included usernames and hashed passwords. For some customers, other information was also included, such as names, contact information, last four digits of social security numbers, dates of birth, and/or secret questions and answers. Comcast info (PDF).

Be sure to change your Comcast account password.

Paramount’s parent company National Amusements was hacked a year ago – just disclosed.

The apparel supplier behind North Face and Vans was hit by cyberattack, disrupting its holiday fulfillment. It’s still unclear whether customer data may have been impacted.

Mint Mobile discloses new data breach exposing customer data.

The exposed data is concerning, as it is enough information for a hacker to conduct SIM swapping attacks, porting your number to their device. Once they gain access to the number, they can try to access the user’s online accounts by performing password resets and receiving the OTP codes to get past multi-factor authentication.

Every Major Pharmacy Chain Is Giving The Government Warrantless Access To Medical Records.

Asper Biogene: genetic data stolen from 10,000 Estonians.

Be careful what you share with online services.

Health data breaches hit an all-time high in 2023.



We are raising our hourly rate to $155/Hr. to keep up with costs starting in January. This is a 3.3% increase. We want to retain our excellent staff.

We are hiring – We are looking for a Receptionist. Please inform anyone you know who might be interested. Details are at www.toriangroup.com/employment/ .

Tim Torian

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