February 2017
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MalwareBytes Version 3 Problems
Malwarebytes free version 2 is automatically updating to a Paid version 3.  It then automatically installs real time monitoring, which can significantly slow down your computer if other real time scanning (Antivirus) is installed.  You can change the settings, but we suggest simply uninstalling the program.  It’s not particularly stable yet (19+ pages of issues reported at the product forum).

Google Login scam

A legitimate Google login should look like the above example, with a green lock showing it’s a secure URL and no additional text before accounts.google.com.

But, the encrypted URL used in a phishing scam that looks like the example above. This scheme allows hackers to embed malware into the user’s device once credentials are entered, granting them access to the Gmail account.

Quick Starts for Office 2016 Guides showing to get started with the new version.

Confusion between Microsoft Accounts

Many users have two or more accounts with Microsoft. These different accounts can currently have the same login email address, causing confusion:
The Microsoft account can be used to log into a Windows 10 computer and it gives you access to online file storage with Skydrive, as well as a host of other services.
Separately – subscribers to Office 365 business plans have an Office 365 account. It is an email address and a password; it might be your primary email address, or it might be (yourname)@(business).onmicrosoft.com. The Office 365 account is used to log into your mailbox (either in Outlook or in webmail) and other Office 365 services. It may also be the account that’s associated with your business subscription to Microsoft Office.
My Microsoft account is bruceb@bruceb.com, with a password. That’s the one I type to log into my Windows 10 computer.
My Office 365 account is bruceb@bruceb.com, with a different password. That’s the one I type to log into my mailbox.

Microsoft will start blocking accounts with overlap issues. Starting today, users will get a new dialog box message when they try to sign up for a new Microsoft account using a work or school e-mail address with a domain that’s already been set up in Azure AD. The dialog box gives the end user the following message:

You can’t sign up here with a work or school email address. Use a personal email, such as Gmail or Yahoo!, or get a new Outlook email.

The block process only affects new account creations.
Redmond Magazine
Microsoft Blog

Citrix has purchased LogMeIn, and raised prices (now $250/Year). They also own GoToMyPC ($12/Mo.), LastPass (with recent price changes), GoToAssist, and Join.Me (Still free).
Some users have complained that LogMeIn renewed their subscription without permission.
Splashtop may be a good alternative for LogMeIn.
As we mentioned last month, we recommend using 2 factor authentication with whatever remote access solution you use.

DropBox paid account pricing has increased.  Free accounts are unchanged.
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HP is recalling 101,000 additional laptop batteries for laptop brands: ProBook, Pavilion, Envy, Compaq Presario.  Batteries manufactured between March 2013 and October 2016 are affected. The serial numbers of the affected batteries are: 6BZLU, 6CGFK, 6CGFQ, 6CZMB, 6DEMA, 6DEMH, 6DGAL or 6EBVA.

Microsoft officially closes its $26.2B acquisition of LinkedIn

‘One billion’ affected by Yahoo hack. Be sure to change any passwords associated with your Yahoo account, especially if you used the same password elsewhere.

Insurance claims for data breaches are being made at a rate of more than one a day.

Watch Cyberattack in Real-time Worldwide

2016: Year of the ransomware attacks

With its policy change, Google has essentially given itself the power to track users across a vast majority of websites worldwide, including those that appear to users to be entirely unconnected from Google.

Until Best Buy ends this practice of being an FBI informant, a blatantly unconstitutional act, you should avoid Geek Squad completely.

The end of net neutrality

Farewell to the FCC as we know it

We are recommending regular backups and updates to website security, particularly those which can be updated easily such as WordPress sites. Backups should be done to a location other than the web hosting company.  Website hacking activity has increased and become more sophisticated. Contact us for details.

We have negotiated better pricing for Managed Offsite Backups. Starting January 1 Server offsite backups can back up any amount of data for a flat fee of $25/Month.  We will be contacting you if you can benefit from a more complete offsite backup of your server.  Workstation backups will have flat price of $3/Month, with the ability to back up the entire PC.

Pete Gieszinger will be leaving us to take a job with CSET.


Tim Torian
Torian, Group, Inc.

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