April 2024


Microsoft to separate Teams and Office.

As part of the change, Microsoft is allowing existing customers to maintain their current bundled package, which includes Teams, Office, and other products. These customers can choose to renew their current deal, update it, or select a new unbundled product.

For new customers, Microsoft has introduced standalone pricing for Teams at $5.25 per user per month. Additionally, Office packages without Teams will be available at license prices reduced between $1.25 and $2.25 depending on the license type. Most people will want to keep their existing license. For new customers, this is a price increase.

One Microsoft Teams App will support both work and personal accounts

Teams version 24057.2000.2723.3544 or higher has this capability, rolling out gradually. To add or access additional accounts, select your profile picture at the upper right corner of Teams where you sign into Teams, then “Manage accounts”.

iOS 17.4 is a significant update with new features and security enhancements.

Signal is a messenger app designed for security that works with smart phones and desktops. All messages are encrypted. They have added the ability to hide your phone number when messaging with a username.

Office 2024, coming later this year, will not have Publisher.

The Microsoft 365 admin center went live using the new domain admin.cloud.microsoft. It takes you to the same MS 365 admin page.

Microsoft published a new timeline for the New Outlook for Windows client that says support for the classic client will be until at least 2029. More. As mentioned before, we strongly recommend avoiding the “New Outlook.” It is not usable for business yet.

Existing Microsoft-branded accessories will continue to be sold while supplies last, but no new Microsoft-branded accessories will be produced. Incase, a company specializing in laptop accessories is taking over the Microsoft mouse and keyboard business.

After taking full ownership of Hulu last November, Disney started beta testing integration with Disney+ a month later. Hulu on Disney+ is officially coming out of beta, making it easy for subscribers to access content for both services. The Disney Hulu bundle is $9.99 a month with ads. The Duo Premium bundle for $19.99 a month is ad-free and allows downloads. Existing Hulu viewing progress doesn’t carry over.

Google Podcasts is shut down, users are urged to move to YouTube Music.

You can still Migrate your Google Podcasts subscriptions.

China bans Intel and AMD processors in government computers.

China is also blocking Microsoft Windows and database products from foreign companies within the government.


You can now use ChatGPT without an account.

You won’t be able to save or share chats, use custom instructions, or other stuff that generally has to be associated with a persistent account.

When a user opens a document in Adobe Acrobat or Reader, its content will be captured using the AI feature if enabled. Adobe has published the support article Turn off the generative AI features, which describes how a user can deactivate this.

Victims of nonconsensual deepfakes arm themselves with copyright law to fight the content’s spread.

Deepfake porn consistently found atop Google, Bing search results.

Cisco closed the $28 billion acquisition of Splunk, an AI security data company.


California cops warn that thieves are using Wi-Fi jammers to break into people’s homes.

Security Flaw Can Open Over 3 Million Saflok brand Door Locks, Mainly at hotels.

AT&T says leaked data of 70 million people is not from its systems

This data includes names, addresses, mobile phone numbers, date of birth, social security numbers, and other internal information.

If you were an AT&T customer before and through 2021, it is safer to assume that your data was exposed and can be used in targeted attacks – including SMS, email phishing, and SIM swapping attacks.

Nissan confirms ransomware attack exposed data of 100,000 people.

200,000 Facebook Marketplace user records leaked on hacking forum.

Fujitsu says it was hacked, warns of data breach.

Russian spies keep hacking into Microsoft in ‘ongoing attack,’

Remember: the cloud is just another way of saying “someone else’s computer.”

Tax season – be careful of phishing. Efile if possible and use direct deposit.

The United States Postal Service offers these recommendations to help prevent mail theft.

Put a sensor with a camera in your mailbox.

Web browsers allow the installation of “extensions” – add-ons that enhance functionality.

  • Check the source of an extension before you install it. Is it made by a vendor you trust?
  • Be sure extensions are from official, trusted sources such as the Chrome Web Store.
  • Don’t overload your browser with extensions. If you add a new extension and find issues with browsing, immediately test by removing the extension.
  • Always know exactly which extensions you have installed, and review them regularly.
  • Delete unused extensions.

Sites such as CRXcavator allow you to investigate the security of extensions.

FBI Warrants

Unsealed documents provide more details on Federal Investigators’ YouTube warrant.

Geofence warrants are capable of turning multiple people into criminal suspects; “keyword” warrants turn anyone Googling certain words into a possible suspect.

The feds are now targeting any viewers of certain YouTube videos, serving up some pretty general-looking warrants that demand Google turn over a wealth of information on anyone who accessed certain YouTube URLs during a specific time period. Technically, they’re not “warrants” but 2703(d) court orders for customer information.

Several Apple customers recently reported being targeted in elaborate phishing attacks that involve what appears to be a bug in Apple’s password reset feature.




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