April 2022


Windows 11: The March update includes additional improvements. Adoption is slowing.

Review of the latest updates from ZDNet.

Windows 10 version 20H2 will be supported until May. Prior versions are unsupported. The upgrade to the current Windows 10 21H2 version is free and recommended. Starting with the current version, updates will be annual, matching the release schedule of Windows 11 feature updates. Supported versions will be extended from 18 months to 2 years (the last 2 versions).

Microsoft renames Your Phone Companion to Phone Link. Update by downloading from the Microsoft Store and the Google Play store for your Android Phone.

Support for Internet Explorer 11 will end on June 15, 2022.

Microsoft Edge web browser includes an “IE 11 legacy mode”, which can work with older websites.

Windows 10 devices with Internet Explorer 11 as the primary or default browser won’t receive the upgrade offer to Windows 11 due to the possible loss of IE 11 data.

The time between online license checks (the grace period) for MS Office 365 installed software (Word/Excel/Outlook etc.) appears to have changed from around a month to more than two months.

Microsoft Defender for Business is now included with Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

Image viewer IrfanView version 4.60 released.

The Comcast Business Gateway is a Wi-Fi-6-certified device capable of delivering multi-gigabit speeds for WiFi connectivity.

Comcast Launches New WiFi 6E Gateway for home (Xfinity).

Climate report for Valley communities: More hot days ahead, less water.

US Government Covid site: https://www.covid.gov/

22 Best Business Podcasts For Entrepreneurs in 2022.

Many Russians are attempting to bypass Internet blocks to learn more from Western news outlets.

HP to Acquire Poly. Poly produces videoconferencing gear.

How AI Will Change Local News in the Next 5 Years.


We are seeing 3-4 month delays in getting Fortigate routers. Some models of Dell computers take 6 to 10 weeks for delivery.

Sixty-Week Delay on Router Orders Shows Scale of Chip Crisis.

The gap between ordering a chip and getting it is growing:

Due to supply chain problems, getting new PCs, smartphones, routers, hubs, or what-have-you is slower and more expensive.

Sourcing a low-margin part called the substrate has become a priority for Intel, Nvidia, and AMD.

Tesla is delivering more cars than ever.

Dell Outlet may have what you need. Be sure to check with us to verify that any new equipment will work with your network and software.


Last month, we had two more clients without two factor authentication  for their Email who got hacked. It’s past time to get this set up if you have not already. We suggest email users also follow additional security recommendations.

Apple has released security updates to address two zero-day vulnerabilities exploited by attackers to hack iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Some HP printers need critical security updates. These are less serious if the printer is not visible from the internet.

HP Color LaserJet Pro – Disable unused network protocols and features using the Embedded WebServer (EWS)

HP LaserJet Enterprise, HP PageWide Enterprise – Disable unused network protocols and features (EWS)

Certain HP Print Products – Potential information disclosure, denial of service, remote code execution

Morgan Stanley client accounts were breached in social engineering attacks. The company was not hacked, just some clients. Morgan Stanley letter to clients.

Shutterfly discloses data breach.

Calendly actively abused in Microsoft credentials phishing scam. Don’t try to open documents linked to Calendly appointments.



Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) program

Microsoft raised prices for most of its Office 365 products in March. They also changed the rules on how we can assist our clients as a Microsoft Partner. If you are interested, we can now bill you for your Office 365 products and pass on a discount of 5% that we are eligible for as a partner/reseller. There is an annual commitment, as there is with most products purchased directly from Microsoft.

As mentioned last month, we continue to move clients we provide patch management for over to a new platform. As mentioned last month, you may see a slightly different notice pop up if your computer needs to be restarted.

If you select No, you will be reminded again in a few hours. Pick a convenient time to restart so the update process can be completed. This notice only occurs if you are not logged out during the after-hours update process. We won’t restart your computer automatically if it has programs open that may lose data.

By Tim Torian

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