February 2019

When updating to the “October 2018” version 1809 of Windows 10, be sure to install the January cumulative update, which fixes a number of critical problems. These include network connection issues and problems with remote desktop. Certain hardware will need updates as well.

Firmware Updates for Surface Laptop 2, Surface Go LTE – required for Windows 10 update.

We recommend having us help you with this update, which can be done remotely.

As mentioned last month – Microsoft will be supporting only the Windows 10 versions updated within 12 months of the current version. Another update will be coming in April.

Plan now to replace Windows 7 computers before January 2020 when extended support ends.

Malwarebytes Fixes Windows 7 Freeze Problem in Update.

Windows 7 Media player won’t download music data anymore.

We are encouraging clients to enable 2 Factor Authentication for their email. Attacks on email accounts are escalating.

Website accessibility lawsuits are on the rise. If you sell anything through your website, make sure it meets ADA standards for accessibility. Opportunistic lawyers are filing lawsuits.

Google raises G Suite prices: Basic to $6 a month per user, business to $12 a month.

Titan Security Keys for Google Apps work with Advanced Protection. Advanced Protection requires you to use a physical Security Key in addition to your password to sign in to your Google Account.  

Upcoming Hangouts service consolidation for all G Suite customers.

Google Hangouts for consumers (free) will be shutting down sometime in 2020. Classic Hangouts will be retired for Google Suite customers in October 2019. Timeline for changes here.

Hangouts will become G Suite’s Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet.

Meanwhile, Google Voice calling, which was at first independent and then long integrated into Hangouts, was moved back out to its own redesigned app earlier this year.

Google+ is also being retired.

Outlook’s Clutter feature is going away in favor of the Focused Inbox. Clutter is now off by default.  It’s also disabled for low-use customers (less than 12 clutter messages a month).  It will stop completely at the end of January 2020 for Office 365 hosted mail. Focused Inbox uses the same mail sorting system as Clutter did. There is little or no difference in the way mail is separated.  Focused Inbox keeps all your email in the Inbox folder, just displays the messages in a split Focused/Other views.

How to Turn off Focused Inbox.

Hackers Targeting Cisco RV320/RV325 Routers

Cisco announced updates for router models RV320 and RV325 that fix a command injection (CVE-2019-1652) and an information disclosure (CVE-2019-1653) vulnerability; both of them are in the routers’ web management interface. IF you have either model, we will be contacting you to update the firmware.

Cisco disclosed a major unpatched vulnerability that affects the Small Business Smart Switches. The workaround is a very complex password on your device.

8K TV – 4 times more than 4KBut not worth the money.
HDMI 2.1 (which supports 8K TV) What’s new.

Netflix raises prices for U.S. subscribers.

Earlier this month, Roku announced it would soon begin selling subscriptions to premium video services directly from its own TV and movies hub.

Hulu raises price of live TV service, cuts cost of basic plan.

YouTube TV Goes Nationwide – offers access to 60+ networks for $40 a month.

The recent government shutdown is likely going to cause the unmeasured loss of an entire generation of the best cybersecurity workers the government employs.  Cybersecurity risks of work not done during the shutdown is also a concern.

Net Neutrality now in federal court.  California has already passed a “Net Neutrality” law, also in court.

Rural broadband in the US. Wireless will dominate.
Project Loon – internet service by balloon.

Your personal data gets leaked again – how creepy ads work. Complaints filed.

Loan documents exposed online, including W-2 and financial data.

How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious GoalTed Talk on incremental change.

(Thanks to Al Benoy for recommending this one)

As mentioned last month – Prices for workstation backups will be going from $5 to $10 per month starting Feb 1. Prices for server backups will be going from $35 to $40 per month. Offsite backups now have more capabilities and our cost has gone up. The backup still includes an unlimited amount of storage. Server backups include the ability to replicate to another standby server. Backup price changes will start in February. Please call with any questions.

Our hourly billing rate remains at $130.


By Tim Torian

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