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Get the most out of technology in your business

Lamp Liter Inn, Visalia  – Torian Group provides Wireless network and full IT support

Whatever computer or networking issue you have, we have probably solved it for a valley business similar to yours.  We can provide IT services such as design, implementation, roll-outs, maintenance and monitoring, hosting, and off-site backup. We also work with companies on legal compliance and security. We can help you with projects requiring specialized expertise, or just more people to get it done.

Our Website has a number of articles and recommendations on best practices and new technology – we hope they will be of assistance.

Web Presence

Bring in the right customers and clients

Online marketing is now an essential part of doing business. You can significantly improve your reach, and be talking to potential customers 24 hours a day.  Unlike mass marketing, which creates interest in local audiences through ads in newspapers, radio spots and billboards, internet marketing allows you to cultivate a more personal connection with consumers around the world, delivering valuable content through low-cost, personalized communication.

Your web presence should include a website, a blog, social media, and most important, local search.  When looking for a product or service, many now search on their phone or tablet. A responsive website will adapt to the format of the screen, allowing you to be found online easily at the moment someone is looking for your product or service.  A strong local search presence will help you show up in search engines.

Serving Visalia

Local Business Technology Solutions

ARO Pistachio, Tera Bella CA – Torian Group Provides full IT support.

We are looking for a few good relationships
Our ideal client comes to us because their company can benefit from our specialized technological expertise. We become an extension of your business, providing and implementing new ideas and technologies which fit your mission and enhance your ability to do business. We hope to work with you over the long term, providing the technical expertise you don’t have the time or resources to develop yourself.

We have the depth and breadth to meet your needs

We have been in business in Visalia for over 25 years. We provide onsite service, web and database design, network design and maintenance, training, and business process consulting. Our services…

We aim to be the best
We have some of the best trained and educated professionals in the area, and are continually upgrading our skills. Many of us have run our own businesses or worked in management prior to working at Torian Group, and understand business processes as well as technology. This is a bold claim, but our clients back it up. Our clients…

We are strictly a consulting and service company
Our hardware recommendations are not biased by profit margins. We act as a consultant in the same way your accountant and lawyer does.

If you were referred by one of our clients, start building trust by reviewing the resources we have online.  Sign up for our free newsletter if you are inclined. When you are ready, contact us for a free initial consultation.

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