Make sure you are leveraging the internet to the full. We can assist with making sure you show up in local search. We have done work on logo design and web branding for many local companies. We can help integrate your website into your overall marketing strategy. We can assist with social media.

Local Search

Local search is a key part of your web marketing strategy

There are now more internet enabled cell phones than there are computers.

92% of people search online for local businesses.

80% of Internet users own a smartphone. 53% of mobile searches have local intent. 1 in 3 searches on a smartphone occur right before a consumer visits a store.

71% of people click on a listing in the first page of search results.

70% of mobile searches result in action being taken within an hour as opposed a week for desktop. 18% of local searches lead to sales.

If you are not showing up in local search, you are losing business.

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Branding on the Internet

Make sure your brand is consistent everywhere. Use the same domain name, logo and color scheme for email, website and social media.

  • Get a domain name if you haven’t
  • Use domain based email
  • Have a website
  • Get set up on local search
  • Set up your business social media sites
  • Create a blog
  • Consider having a newsletter

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